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Welding technology

In order to be able to make the complex structures in special machines, welding is unavoidable. Depending on the material and the required weld quality, Kreß has access to the full range of conventional welding procedures.

Welding technology at the highest level

Through our range of welding techniques we can guarantee that we will be able to tackle the different welding tasks with the best possible procedure. Our highly trained welding engineers are experienced and certified (welder testing in accordance with EN 287-1). They carry out welding work quickly, reliably and to the very best quality.

Available welding procedures:

MIG-MAG, WIG, E and autogenous

Employee / Qualification:

Welder testing in accordance with EN 287-1
2 employees in the welding shop
Welding supervisor/welding specialist in accordance with EN ISO 14731

Materials which can be welded:

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Mild Steel

Welding technology at the highest level